Villej is a community brand for and by neurodivergent people, building community wealth through an online marketplace, community, and directory.
We create community wealth by combining our strengths using co-selling, cooperation, mutual aid, and microsolidarity techniques. The result of this is a marketplace where each person is dedicates their efforts to only a part of the system, rather than exhaust themselves trying to run every part of a business themselves.
Influencers can just market and not have to come up with a product.

Creators and artists can just create and not have to market.

Makers and artisans can just make stuff without having to set up a store.

Members can focus on accessibility, support, and customer service.
Let’s use a tshirt as an example. A Creator makes a design and publishes it on the marketplace or one of our Members does this for them. We have a Maker who can directly print on tshirts in our network. And then we have Influencers who have affiliate links. When an Influencer gets the product out to the public and someone buys that product through the affiliate link, the person marketing that product gets a portion of the sale. The Creator also gets a portion of the sale for creating the design. The Villej gets a platform fee, and the Maker is paid. The Maker creates the product itself, then ships the order to the person who purchased and follow ups and customer service are handled by Members. The best part is, we’re building these systems together and with everyone’s feedback, so the system is refined over time to provide us with the accessibility and support many of us could have benefitted from in non-neurodivergent owned companies. Through a community brand co-creating and community wealth, we are building the future we want for each other. <3

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