NOTICE: The directory is becoming the MiC Connection Engine, a subset of which will be synced with the people / projects Villej is looking for (and who are looking for Villej) Villej is Co-Creating Community Wealth

For a better world and jobs for neurodivergent people worldwide. Welcome to our master directory where you can find neurodivergent products & services, add yourself to be found, or give and get exposure. Villej is part of the greater movement to #MakeItCommunity! Get to know more about Community Wealth through the posts below or visit We are also cocreating with Harmless, Inc, and entertainment and comic book company / creative project to end autistic and neurodivergent homelessness.

Do you have a neurodivergent owned and operated project, business, grant, or community? Please add it to become a part of our ecosystem!

: Business, Project, Grant, Product, Community, or Project


Please note that everything from here on is a work in progress! Please visit for more info and to get involved with connecting neurodivergent people and businesses to build community wealth for us all.

Wanna help directly with this project? Please reach out to me at Whatsapp/Signal +44 7493 790703 and mention Villej :) Last updated 28/01/2024 by JFriday

Featured #CommunityWealth Project!

The Friendship Relationship Nurturing App!

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Need a way to keep track of friends and remember to contact them? We made a Coda app for that! Click here to get started.

Featured Communities & Projects!

Joe Molloy is creating a comic book company as big as Marvel or Disney but use the profits to create social safety nets for us! Check out this video and their TikTok for more: Website: Neurodivergent and into comics and want to help save the world while telling stories? Get involved by reaching out to Joe through that Discord link or by scheduling a 1:1 on the website!

Projects in Progress: Give & Get Exposure, a system for getting more attention and exposure for our projects on social media (In progress)

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Virtual Assistants

How does Villej work?

Villej is an online marketplace and system allowing for co-selling and combining efforts under the support of a community brand. For an example, .

How do I get involved?

If you haven’t yet, please and fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page.. You will also be added to our mailing list and we will reach out once opportunities become available. To get involved right away, please or our Facebook group. You can also check out our
Events Calendar
and come hang out and co-create with us, or follow us on any of the socials below.

EXPERIMENT AREA Need: 1) Form that automatically adds directory listings and 2) a give/get exposure mechanism

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