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Why Villej?

Chosen Family
Don’t have to mask
Third Places

Why is it Important?

Starting point of collaborative economics, leading to economic empowerment
We can create our own workplaces that work for us and support us in the ways we uniquely need
We are no longer dependent on systems that oppress us

What Makes Villej Unique?

A model for building neurodivergent wealth and community wealth
No one is talking about Community Wealth. There are only about 400 worker’s cooperatives in the US This is the future of work

Why Should I Care?

This is proof of concept that neurodivergent people can create value and profitability
We are inspiring communities of care (Ben Whittle and Danny Richman story)

What Struggles Do We Face?

We are starting with no wealth.
We are building community as we go, adding an extra challenge
We are burnt out and lack support while we build this and thus need the support of our community now
We are disabled

What Challenges Must We Overcome?

need to fill this in

What is Our Plan?

Filing Villej as an Article 56 Worker’s Cooperative in Colorado
Making a public facing marketplace
Making time to build out the marketplace and directory
Skills and resources / system to give and get help

How Does it Work?

need to fill this in also
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