Application to the Neurodiverse Entrepreneur Program (NDEP)

2023-12-24 We are applying to the Neurodiverse Entrepreneur Program (NDEP) after hearing about it in the Neurodivergent Entrepreneur’s Slack (formed by Tara Raj).
The application is now open for a chance to be selected to participate in this next business accelerator cohort. The application deadline is December 30, with winners announced January 2024. The program will officially kick off in early February.
Companies selected to be a part of NDEP will receive:
A $4,000 microgrant from Autism Angels Group
Access to Transition2Success Project’s T2S-Neurodiverse Entrepreneur Support Model ($5,000 value)
Innovation DuPage MVP Membership ($2,700 value)
Participation Owner to CEO, Innovation DuPage’s 10-week Business Accelerator Program (7,500 value)
This is a tremendously valuable opportunity not only to keep Villej’s momentum going, but to give its cofounders access to the resources they need at a critical time. This opportunity is a collaboration between Autism Angels and Illinois based Innovation DuPage. Entrepreneur Criteria:
“We invest in solutions that benefit the autism community and/or include at least one founder or core team member who has been diagnosed with ASD.” The purpose of Villej is to build supports, jobs, and a business ecosystem for the neurodivergent community. Most of our cofounders are autistic with ADHD. One or more of our cofounders has an official diagnosis.
“When your product is near completion and at least a minimal viable product (MVP).” There are a few details to work out, but we are very close to a launch of the marketplace at Our onboarding systems are in place at and we have an MVP of a directory at
“Confirmed group of potential customers (validated with Letters of Intent (LOI’s)).” We have several mailing lists and many people in the queue to be onboarded. We are actively in the process of onboarding.
“Exhausted all other personal financing alternatives and have a top business plan that can demonstrate rapid future growth” None of the cofounders have any additional resources to dedicate to the project but have invested over a year and a half of work and tens of thousands of dollars in the project. We have a detailed business plan for the manufacturing arm of the company, featuring decentralized on-demand manufacturing.
“Sound plan with expected revenues and exit strategy over the next three to seven years.” Expected revenues and projections are detailed in the manufacturing business plan and do not include other revenue generating aspects of the marketplace. There are exit strategies in place for those who do not wish to remain members, with flexible options.
Autism Angels Entrepreneur Criteria: ​ Innovation DuPage: ​
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